Consulting Expertise

We can add substantial expertise and value in restructuring, cost optimization, expansion to A, D and North-I, mergers, acquisitions and repositioning as a consultant, investor and as well as operational managers. This make us different: we do not fear operational responsibilities !

Through our years of experience in operational responsibilities in successful companies in CEE and SEE, we support you in any change or reorganization within your company to  gain a major advantage in the coming years.

If merger and acquisition is not for you, consider other alternatives. Joint ventures can enable companies to share capital expenditure and risk; asset swaps allow for the exchange of business and assets while cost-sharing mechanisms are a creative way of sharing the costs of core services with multiple users.

Be innovative. There’s nothing like corporate belt-tightening for identifying ways to enhance or squeeze more out of your business. In fact, some of the greatest ideas — even the iPod — come out of recession. Consider whether new markets, either internationally or at home, hold better prospects for your business.

Fortune, they say, favors the brave — be initiative and focus opportunities.

Our Vision  "Standing still means going backwards" and "Everything Good to be improved continuously" guarantees  to promote performance, innovation and personal commitment.

Expertise services