Elena Meissner, MBA

After a 5 years leadership experience in the banking sector in Romania, Elena took over independent translations order from industrial and trade companies in Vienna. 

Due to her qualification (bachelor in economics and law, bank experience and foreign languages), 2001 she was asked by an international iron-casting foundry to take over the position of Financial Manager during the restructuring of their Romanian Branch in Bucharest.  Within the next two years, the turn-around could be managed. The iron foundry became the first in the market (sales and manufacturing capacity), with a 99% export (of which 10% Germany, 40% Italy, 30% Spain, 10% Austria).  

2006, Elena became partner in two important real estate projects in Bucharest. She had been significantly involved in the development, strategy and financial management. Due to her extensive expertise in the operational management she took over later the site management of one of the projects.

As a very pragmatic and detailed oriented person as well as due to her analytical capacity, Elena contributes significantly to problem solving and strategic choices.

Professional success was always for her a confirmation that commitment, performance and openness to new ideas are necessary for long-term market advantage.