Business Operations & Process Consulting

The tools and techniques at the foundation of Lean Manufacturing provide our team with a comprehensive set of skills to perform business operations consulting and process re-engineering at its most successful level. Our consulting experience includes manufacturing, medical, distribution, fulfillment, and store operations, order processing and financial operations.

  • Process Mapping and Value Stream Assessment
    The process includes detailed documentation of the entire value stream, from supplier to customer in manufacturing and from project onset to completion in all environments.
  • Business Operations Capacity Analysis and Benchmarking
    Benchmarking the business operations include, but is not limited to inventory levels, inventory turns, quality, performance, delivery, cycle time, and system applications.
  • Product / Information Flow Using Brown Paper Mapping
    Document all business operations, including physical, systematic and information flow analysis, detailed development of value added business operations including paperwork, system and performance tool improvements.
  • Process Improvement Development
    Programs include workflow improvement, operations cycle time reduction, improved material handling, reduction of non-value added activities and maximizing value added business processes.
  • Implementation Assistance
    Detailed coordination to assure design of process and systems are implemented to meet