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An ICO is nothing more than an alternative crowdfunding using a crypto-currency (or token) to raise fresh capital. In the conventional financial market, this is organised by banks, venture capitalists and stock exchanges in bureaucratic and complex processes. ICOs are in a position to procure liquidity in an easier and faster way, more efficiently and above all without binding legal frame-work conditions.




  What makes ICOs interesting and ultimately attractive?

  • Public market access
  • Coins can easily and cheaply being purchased and can experience tremendous value increase over time
  • investor invests as well as receives his reward in a digital currency
  • Investments to the project can be done directly, and it is a lot simpler that on the regulated securities market
  • A global investor market leads to a decentralisation of the market: the project can be created and developed anywhere, and the investor can invest in the project from anywhere
  • high speed, automatic fulfilment of interest payment terms with the help of a smart contract, no costs for conversion   


Early investors take advantage of the highly attractive  option of the Pre-ICO to buy coins more cheaply prior the official market launch, thus significantly optimising their profit once again.

An increasing number of ICO offerings is expected in the near future, making this technology a mainstream system. Although investors are experiencing a large number of upcoming opportunities, it can still be difficult to choose the solid and rewarding ICO to strengthen their investments.


What do we advise to arrange your ICO successfully


1. The USP of your ICO

We analyse your ICO idea and ICO and the best way to be realized. We also audit your team and specify what tasks the project accomplishes. 

2. Commitment on the part of the project and investor team.

a)      How the settlement system with investors shall be developed and implemented.

b)      We need to ensure the viability of the project, make an audit of the product, preferably an existing one, get comments of expert, evaluate the ICOs smart contract, study the results of the pre-ICO, if it was conducted. 


3. Regulation

Yes, regulations in ICOs are weak, but they do exist, and get daily more and more.  With our law expert partners we check the current available legal framework and propose how the project team approached the issue of regulation, especially what licenses are needed  and where do you get them.


4. Choose the right Partners

ICO Expert Teams are short experienced. As ICO are in fact only less than 12 months experienced any expert with more than 6 month is already a “old rabbit”. Certainly Marketing and Launching platform have hugh differentiations in Track Records. The right choice of the ICO Solution Providers (Legal, Marketing, Selling platform) will make the difference.


5. Costs of an ICO

The costs of an ICO are certainly much less than these ones for an IPO. Still you shall calculate a range of USD 500.000 to USD 1.000.000 (plus success fees) for a full package including:

  • Technical Solution
  • Legal Solution
  • Marketing support
  • Professional Landing Page with payment function
  • Investor Relation Packages
  • White Paper
  • Exchange Listing Services


The price differentiation are mainly caused by the documentation in place, volume of support functions, targeted income.


6. Addvalue Consulting Costs

We usually charge for our services 40.000 to 70.000 €, whereof half can be paid in the digital currency issued by the client.

Please contact us to see how the ICO and the project shall be organized and if it can ensure a proper financing of your business idea.