Product & Service Innovations

Leading companies drive innovation that delivers results in all economic conditions.

Many businesses talk about innovation management and its potential to accrue revenue rewards. Leading companies take this one step further to effectively and consistently deliver on the promise of innovation—in bad times as well as good.

addValue's consultants experience in innovation strategy and implementation spans more than 15 years. Regardless of the challenges a company faces—investing in the right projects, choosing the right partners, delivering breakthrough products and services, discovering and fulfilling unmet customer needs, or building the right kind of corporate culture—we help our clients make critical changes to improve their innovation management efforts and overall business performance.

The proof is in our approach. We don’t overlook any opportunity to help our clients drive improvements. And we use all the available levers to create more valuable products, services, business models, and supply chain ecosystems—establishing industry leaders for today and tomorrow.

addValue's Product & Service Innovation Expertise covers:

  • Cross-Enterprise Innovation Management;
  • Product Development Operations;
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Transformation;
  • Product Strategy & Portfolio Management;
  • Productivity & Strategic Resource Management;
  • Project Excellence;
  • Technology & IP Management.

Your competitive strategy shall allow you to create, communicate, and capture customer lifetime value through all touch points. It can be the difference between the success and failure of an organization.

addValue's customer experience consulting services help clients effectively manage customer loyalty for profitable growth. Two elements are key to success: the customer experience management strategy and the demand chain operating model.

By helping our clients give stakeholders more active and direct responsibility in planning, innovation, operations, and delivery, addValue provides enterprises with strategic consulting to generate value creation at a lower cost and risk, measured in tangible ways such as revenue growth, improved retention, and lower selling costs.