New Innovations

Following to a study in the  USA following assumption can be summarized:

  • There will be great advances in battery/condenser electricity storage to make solar more practical and allow the better use of the grid. As well electric transport will take over-perhaps with hydrogen producing electric for long ranges.
  • Solar will become more affordable so that individuals may produce and store their energy needs.
  • Major advances in rechargeable battery technology
  • We have already seen some pretty significant (about double the kw/hr) battery improvements in technical papers so we see that as being soon to come.
  • Renewable energy will be a main source of power in all forms. Solar PV, CPV, wind power, wave energy and all renewables with good storage at low cost.
  • Within two to five years, homeowners shall be able to walk into local hardware stores like Home Depot, Baumax, Praktiker, Hornbach,… and purchase modular solar panels with micro inverters which can be installed by local electricians in less than half a day. Solar energy installation cost can be recovered in less than 5-7 years.
  • Solar will drop below $0.04/kWh within 5 years and below $0.03/kWh within 10 years.

We are much more optimistic that renewables are reaching a tipping point on purely economic terms. We are in the early days still, and there is a lot of room to improve costs to the point where people widely adopt renewable energy and move toward more electric driven cars and the like.

We are highly convenience that continued surge of solar energy (PV, CSP, solar heating), making electricity a cheaper and cleaner option for more and more applications. The challenge for the power sector will be to transform from a producer of kilowatt-hours, to a supplier of kilowatts when they are needed for balancing supply of intermittent sources and hopefully a more flexible demand side. Concepts such as energy storage, improved transmission capacity and DSM will be crucial.

We believe that renewable energy will prosper in spite of the incoming tide. We shall promote the attractiveness of having one’s own power source on your own properties; it gives one a sense of satisfaction in doing something that is good for all.