You either own or manage a small to medium size tourism business, or you want to start one. Competition is fierce, both locally and globally.

And you want a piece, or a bigger piece, of the action.

Our team of professionals can help with all aspects of both starting, investing, financing and running a successful tourism / hospitality business. Come in.

Our team has all the education, experience and expertise to assist you with the planning needed to start a small tourism operation. Proper planning will enable you to get funding, show you how to start and run your business, and greatly increase your chances of success.

The major emphasis is on creating a viable and realistic Business Plan, so that you can apply for funding and have a "roadmap" of what you want to do and how you will do it. With years of experience helping thousands of businesses in the start-up stage, we can work closely with you to get that dream business up and running.

Our clients are small inns and hotels, tour operators, bars and restaurants, sports operations such as dive and adventure tourism providers, car and bike rental agencies, service providers such as maid services and suppliers.

Providing hands-on training, working one-on-one with you, we cover:

  • Market research;
  • Competitor profile;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • Production or operation plan;
  • Legal structure of the business;
  • Action plan;
  • Partnership agreement;
  • Staffing;
  • Laws and insurance;
  • Professional advisors: accountants, lawyers, mentors;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Start-up costs;
  • Owner's draw;
  • Sources and uses of financing;
  • Break-even;
  • Setting prices;
  • Projected cash flow;
  • P&L statements;
  • Balance sheets;
  • Investment in the business. 

The end result is that you will have a complete business plan 1) to take to the lender, and 2) which shows you how to start and successfully run your business.